Our catering partnership with The Championships, Wimbledon

Monday 3 July 2017

We have been the official catering partner at The Championships, Wimbledon for 32 years and we’re immensely proud of this long standing relationship. Food and drink are an integral part of a day out at The Championships and we have worked hard to make sure our offerings are of the highest quality, seasonal, sustainable and responsibly sourced, and always showcasing the best of British produce.

Wimbledon is not just a celebration of tennis, it is also a celebration of great food and drink. We have designed a range of eating and drinking options that reflect the history and rich heritage of the event and its unrivalled reputation. 

We believe in cooking our food with fresh, responsibly sourced British produce. Our suppliers come from across the UK and have been selected for their commitment to quality. From the famous Kentish strawberries to free range chicken from Sutton Hoo in Suffolk, everything on offer is produced from the finest ingredients. 

Every year our chefs prepare signature Wimbledon dishes and seasonal specialties, spanning everything from the healthy to the more indulgent, while also showcasing cuisines from around the world. We’re passionate about the role food and drink plays in enhancing the Championships experience and creating those special Wimbledon memories. 

Using sustainable produce is a priority, it’s all about the quality of the ingredients, making sure they are British, where appropriate, and from an ethical source.

Last year we signed the Sustainable Fish Cities pledge to responsibly source all the fish and seafood at The Championships. This is an assurance that all the fish served at The Championships 2017 fulfils the criteria of a campaign to transform the impact on the world’s depleting fish stocks. 

Daily catches of fish travel straight from the boats and arrive at Wimbledon by sunrise and all salmon is landed, smoked and cured in Severn & Wye. 

We know speed of service is crucial, which is why our team of chefs across the grounds ensure that whether guests are looking for a quick bite to eat, a more formal sit down meal, or the ever popular picnic, visitors can get back to the action as soon as possible.

From overseeing the quality of the famous strawberries and cream, to last-minute 4.30 a.m. checks of the Grounds, pulling together The Championships’ food and drink service is no mean feat. There is a whole host of staff behind the scenes, making a day out at Wimbledon as spectacular as it can be.

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