Levy Easter Fun

Levy Restaurants UK hosts children’s cookery competitions at a selection of UK venues

We have launched children’s cookery competitions at Bristol Zoo, Leeds Castle and Hever Castle in time for the Easter holidays. 

The competitions saw two teams of children at each venue presenting their ingredients and cooking instructions to an audience of young visitors. They were given 15 minutes in which to bake and decorate their trays of Easter treats. When time was up, the teams commented on why their efforts should win and an audience vote took place, with feedback on which treats tasted and looked the best.

Teams at Bristol Zoo used melted chocolate and Rice Krispies to create delicious eight-legged crispy bugs, while Leeds Castle and Hever Castle teams used marshmallows and flaked coconut to create Easter cakes.

Jonathan Davidson, business director, leisure, Levy Restaurants UK, says: “We are excited to be working with our partners to put the fun back into food this Easter and using this new road show activity to get children interested in creating great dining experiences.”

“Educating and getting children excited about cooking is so important and a great activity for the holidays. Children love the competitive element of these competitions and are always really proud of their achievements."

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