What Makes the Levy Difference?

Creating Legendary Experiences

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We champion the role that food and service delivers, notably to the customer experience within the UK’s visitor attractions, leading stadia, museums, arenas and performance venues. With an increase in high street competition and as food continues to be a main focus across the media-scape, consumers have developed diverse tastes and a sophisticated palate. Guests are now expecting more from their experiences across UK events, and in a recent survey 97% of guests reported that food and drink is an important part of their overall visit.

Being able to deliver and meet customers’ expectations isn’t sufficient; Levy Restaurants UK capitalises on customer feedback, market trends and high-street movements to create a memorable experience through food, ambience and service.

We use a simple formula to deliver on our promise:

nice people + guest first + great food and atmosphere = legendary experiences.

The Levy Restaurants culture is founded on striving for excellence, every day of the week in everything that we do. It is about going one step further than everyone else, every time. It’s about ‘wowing’ the customer and putting their experience at the forefront of what we do.

Most importantly, it is about delivering exceptional food and exceptional service, not simply because that is our job, but because we take considerable pride in our work.

We also know that by adopting this approach, we support and enhance each and every one of the exceptional venues within which we work.

We have over 30 years experience of delivering exceptional food, beverage and service across sport, arena, confex and leisure markets.

We are committed to a constant assessment of the marketplace coupled with regular innovation and brainstorm meetings to ensure that our food at your venue leads the marketplace in flair, quality, creativity, consistency and value for money.