Catering Heritage

Family Begins at Home

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For Levy Restaurants, business begins with family, and we like to think that this is what makes our brand so special.

The story began in the US in 1978, when brothers Larry and Mark Levy took a chance and expanded beyond their real estate roots by investing in a classic Chicago deli. To create authentic, homemade flavours, they brought in their mother Eadie to share family recipes and a passion for creating amazing food and delivering great guest experiences. The quality and personality of their business spoke for itself, which has since grown into a multi-national enterprise.

We mirror our American partner in our philosophy and scope. Every day, Levy inspires people across the US with tantalising cuisine at over 100 diverse yet fantastic venues and the hottest events, including the Super Bowl, the Grammys and the Kentucky Derby. Our teams provide their winning combination of delicious food and great service at the US Open Tennis Tournament, NBA and NHL All-Star Games and the World Series, NASCAR racing, and Super Sport Park.

With an outlook that is quintessentially British, we’re also proud to be part of the Compass Group, the global leader in corporate hospitality.


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