Foundations for our future

We’re always trying to improve the way we do things, from the quality of ingredients to our supplier and partner relationships, we believe we have a responsibility to be a sustainable business. 

 1. We actively promote the use of seasonal British produce across all of our businesses.

2. We will not buy products that don’t adhere to the ‘Five Freedoms’ concept proposed by the Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC) on the protection of animals kept for farming purposes.

3. We do not use any fish from the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) Fish to Avoid List, and all of our fish comes from well-managed marine sources.

4. All of our eggs are Lion Marked British.

5. We donate a % of our Fairtrade sales to EATFAIR – our company’s Fairtrade Foundation.

6. We support SMEs in showcasing their opportunities to our business through our ‘Idea Works’ programme. Find out more here.

Food & Drink Charter

We have four key foundation stones to our food philosophy focusing on the use of local suppliers, fresh ingredients and reducing our impact on the environment through sustainable produce and practices, and focussing on the well-being of our guests and our own people:

- PROVENANCE Our ingredients are sourced from a selection of diverse and like-minded ethical producers. 

- REDUCE WASTE We are committed to reducing food waste through smart menu planning, technology and measuring food waste. When we can’t avoid minimal food waste we’ll work to avoid sending it to landfill. We pay attention to packaging to minimise landfill waste.

- HEALTHY BALANCED MENUS All our menus have a healthy, balanced option and provide choice for our guests with special dietary requirements. All our food is freshly cooked on site and made to order where possible.

- INFORM AND EDUCATE We share our food stories with our guests and our own teams, who know that our ingredients have been sourced with care. We promote healthy eating in your everyday menus.

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